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Category: UTNS 5140 The New School Graduate Class 2022

Stress-testing Observation Scores
week 5

We will meet individually next week. Bring your Observation Score and think through and answer the following: Workshop mechanics: Title…

Instructions as an Apparatus for Seeing
week 4

“The first examples of what were to become Fluxus event scores date back to John Cage’s famous class at The…

Observation Grid

week 3

Documentation of this week’s workshop: Prepare For Next Week: We will use the documentation of all your previous observations (and…

The Thingly World

week 2

Prepare For Next Week: Use the map of objects you generated in class–think about the research you want to pursue…

Week 1
Practices of Observation
UTNS 5140 — Spring 2022

UTNS 5140 A Transdisciplinary Graduate Class Wednesday 12:10-2:50pm 66 West 12th, Room 517 The New School University Spring 2022

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