based on — Jhon Valdes Klinger — Creative Writing

  1. — 1 —
    Select two portraits of diverse people who are strangers to you.
  2. — 2 —
    Select a photo of a location you’ve never been to.
  3. — 3 —
    Arrange all three images on a large paper.
  4. — 4 —
    Bulletpoint the following information (speculative): Characters’ names, age, job/ education and relationship status. Geographical location of the setting. Details of characters and location that can not be seen in the pictures.
  5. — 5 —
    Add a picture of your object.
  6. — 6 —
    In a Freewrite (continuously writing without lifting the pen for five minutes) create a narrative that connects the two characters through your research object in the given setting.

Jhon Valdes Klinger is a MFA Creative Writing candidate at The New School University. (2019)

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