based on — Katie Merz — Visual Art

  1. — 1 —
    Write down the word that represents the object you are looking at.
  2. — 2 —
    Go to a (digital) dictionary and find the root of the word (etymological history).
  3. — 3 —
    Make lists of related words and meanings.
  4. — 4 —
    Riff off of your associations with these.
  5. — 5 —
    Sketch and draw associated shapes and thoughts until you get completely exhausted.

Brooklyn-born Katie Merz is a visual artist influenced by her home borough, cartoons, architecture, and silence. Her recent works are site specific murals developed in response to working on-site in a community. Architectural in scale, Merz’s large scale “glyphs” are hand drawn interpretations of the stories and histories she encounters in each place.

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