based on — Cindi Katz — Geography & Environmental Psychology

  1. — 1 —
    Sit in front of the object
  2. — 2 —
    Address the object directly
  3. — 3 —
    Ask the following questions:
    What do people do with you?
    Where did you live?
    Where and when were you manufactured?
    Where do your parts come from?
    What have you observed/experienced?
    What’s the best and worst, saddest and happiest things you conveyed?
    What secrets do you know?
  4. — 4 —
    To document: record the answers.

Cindi Katz is currently a Professor of Geography at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Her work concerns social reproduction and the production of space, place and nature; childhood and social insecurity; and the consequences of global economic restructuring for everyday life. (2017)

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