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Category: UTNS 5140 The New School Graduate Class 2020

Stress-testing Observation Scores
week 6

Week 6: 2/28 Stress-testing Observation Scores (Instructions) “The first examples of what were to become Fluxus event scores date back…

Translating Observations

week 5

Week 5: 2/21 Translating Observations In order to instigate a conversation about the different ways we are looking at the…

Scientific Atlas
— Visual Archive
week 4

Week 4: 2/14 “Atlases are systematic compilations of working objects. They are the dictionaries of the science of the eye”…

One object.
Three observations.
week 3

Week 3: 2/7 This class explores questions of how observational practices work, what different disciplines might learn from another’s approaches…

The Thingly World

week 2

Week 2: 1/31 To better understand the very nature of observation each participant will focus on a single object to…

Intro Case Study:
Observing Ice
week 1

Week 1: 1/24 Introduction This course aims to provoke dialogue about practices of observation, and invent new ways of looking….

Practices of Observation
UTNS 5140 — Spring 2020

UTNS 5140 A Transdisciplinary Graduate Class Friday 12:10pm – 2:50pm University Center, Room 601 The New School University Spring 2020

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