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Practices of Observation


The class “Practices of Observation” is part of the University Lecture Program that instigates a transdisciplinary exchange across graduate

Observation Workshops

week 7-14

Week 7-14: 3/7-5/2 Student-led Workshops to field test experimental observational methods As a workshop-facilitator, you will share a set of…

Stress-testing Observation Scores
week 6

Week 6: 2/28 Stress-testing Observation Scores (Instructions) “The first examples of what were to become Fluxus event scores date back…

Translating Observations

week 5

Week 5: 2/21 Translating Observations In order to instigate a conversation about the different ways we are looking at the…

Forensic Boards

week 4

Week 4: 2/14 Configuring Observations (connections, contradictions, rhymes) In-class workshop You have made six observations of the same object: three…

Test Drive

week 3

Week 3: 2/7 This class explores questions of how observational practices work, what different disciplines might learn from another’s approaches…

The Thingly World

week 2

Week 2: 1/31 To better understand the very nature of observation each participant will focus on a single object to…

What is a fruit-stand clementine?
week 1

Week 1: 1/24 Introduction This course aims to provoke dialogue about practices of attention and observation, and invent new ways…

Practices of Observation UTNS 5140
Spring 2019 — Syllabus

UTNS 5140 A/ CRN: 7316 Thursday 7:00pm – 9:40pm Eugene Lang 65 W11th, Room 465 The New School University Spring…

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