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Category: UTNS 5140 The New School Graduate Class 2020

Making observations during times of isolation
week 10

First of all, we hope everyone is in good health and good spirits, despite these unprecedented conditions. We understand the…

Stress-testing Observation Scores
week 6

Week 6: 2/28 Stress-testing Observation Scores (Instructions) “The first examples of what were to become Fluxus event scores date back…

Translating Observations

week 5

Week 5: 2/21 Translating Observations In order to instigate a conversation about the different ways we are looking at the…

Scientific Atlas
— Visual Archive
week 4

Week 4: 2/14 “Atlases are systematic compilations of working objects. They are the dictionaries of the science of the eye”…

One object.
Three observations.
week 3

Week 3: 2/7 This class explores questions of how observational practices work, what different disciplines might learn from another’s approaches…

The Thingly World

week 2

Week 2: 1/31 To better understand the very nature of observation each participant will focus on a single object to…

Intro Case Study:
Observing Ice
week 1

Week 1: 1/24 Introduction This course aims to provoke dialogue about practices of observation, and invent new ways of looking….

Practices of Observation
UTNS 5140 — Spring 2020

UTNS 5140 A Transdisciplinary Graduate Class Friday 12:10pm – 2:50pm University Center, Room 601 The New School University Spring 2020

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