The symposium was organized by Selena Kimball & Pascal Glissmann: The Observational Practices Lab at Parsons, The New School, in collaboration with Karina Nimmerfall: The Laboratory for Art and Research, Institute for Art and Art Theory at the University of Cologne.

The documentation was published by the Observational Practices Lab.

Talking About Seeing activities:

Talking About Seeing — Student Symposium
December 16, 2016

Lectures, presentations, exhibitions on Friday A cross-disciplinary group of student researchers invited to participate in an experimental symposium rethinking our relationship to the everyday. Musicians and designers performed collaborative investigations…

Talking About Seeing — Symposium
December 15, 2016

Talking About Seeing: A cross-disciplinary panel discussion with science journalist Aatish Bhatia, artist Martha Rosler, filmmaker and ethnographer Pacho Velez, filmmaker and educator Meghan O’Hara, and the writer and curator…