Observation through Specialized Instruments.

Parsons School of Design, New York
Panelists: Sumita Chakravarty, Lisa George, Victoria Hattam, Roarke Menzies, Mara Mills

The video documentation of the event can be found on www.objectamerica.org

Sumita Chakravarty
Associate Professor of Media Studies, The New School

Sumita Chakravarty is Associate Professor of Media Studies at the New School. Her research interests include media theory, media and globalization, film and national identity, digital cultures, and the history and philosophy of media technologies. Sumita is currently working on a book on the intersections of media and migration with the working title, Unsettled States: Towards a Media History of Migration. She is also the curator of the website http://migrationmapping.org, devoted to extensive archiving of news, information, and multimedia resources on the subject of global migration.

Lisa George
Associate Professor of Economics at Hunter College

Lisa M. George is an empirical applied economist specializing in industrial organization and political economy. Her research focuses on the economics of media markets, spanning traditional and new media. Professor George has published in top economics journals including the American Economic Review, Journal of Political Economy and Journal of Industrial Economics. She is Associate Professor of Economics at Hunter College, and a member of the Doctoral faculty at CUNY’s Graduate Center.

Victoria Hattam
Professor of Politics at the New School for Social Research

Victoria Hattam is Professor of Politics at New School for Social Research with longstanding interested in political economy and inequality in the United States. Hattam is currently working on two projects at the intersection of design and politics: the first explores political economy across the US-Mexico border, and the second examines new manufacturing in Shanghai and New York.

Roarke Menzies
New York City-based Artist and Composer

Roarke Menzies is a New York City-based artist and musician who incorporates his voice, mouth and body with audio hardware and software, as well as other tools and toys, to create electronic and electroacoustic performances and sound works.


Mara Mills
Associate Professor of Media, Culture and Communication at NYU

Mara Mills co-directs the Center for Disability Studies at NYU. Her first book, forthcoming from Duke University Press, examines the history of speech and hearing research in the Bell System. She is currently working on the history of optical character recognition and, with Jonathan Sterne, the history of audio time stretching technology.