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Field School:
Dig Where You Stand
May 24—29th, 2021

Field School: Dig Where You Stand is a collaboration between the Observational Practices Lab, Parsons, and the Laboratory for Art…

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Making observations during times of isolation
week 10

First of all, we hope everyone is in good health and good spirits, despite these unprecedented conditions. We understand the…

Atlas of
Everyday Objects
In the age of global social Isolation

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Archive of
Observation Scores
since 2017

Ways of seeing everyday objects anew. A transdisciplinary approach to unlearn what we think we know.

Archive of
Observation Scores

Ways of Seeing
Everyday Objects anew

What is this archive?

Online Publication
since 2018

As a response to recent changes in the political landscape, the lab initiated the research project OBJECT AMERICA

Ask the object what secrets it knows.

based on — Cindi Katz — Geography & Environmental Psychology

Inventory other people and things the object could be connected to.

based on — Michael J. Barany — History of Modern Science and Mathematics

Speculate about the places the object has been before it encountered you.

based on — Gyo Joon Hwang — Interior Design

Create a narrative that connects two characters through the object.

based on — Jhon Valdes Klinger — Creative Writing

Navigate from the object’s Wikipedia page to the “microplastics” page.

based on — Juliana Beecher — Anthropology

What function, object or behavior did the object replace?

based on — Lisa George — Media Economics

Take 5 photographs of the object, each at a different vantage point. Rotate. Repeat.

based on — Allison Kobren — Communication Design

Imagine the object in an environment that made you feel “at home” in the past.

based on — Erica Eisenberg — Transdisciplinary Design

How does the material of the object change your body language?

based on — Anuja Bagul — Material Science

How many different sounds can you create with the object using only your hands?

based on — Roarke Menzies — Music

Take 30 pictures looking for variety in the object’s silhouette.

based on — Gabrielle Nti — Fashion Design

Ask the object what it would like to be remembered for.

based on — Fernando Kawai — Clinical Medicine

Sketch and draw shapes and thoughts you associate with the object until you get completely exhausted.

based on — Katie Merz — Visual Art

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