Week 5 Time/ Frame(s) Workshops

Workshop #9: 
Anthotype Workshop, Jill Enfield

Brainstorm: Making the anthotype photogram (as groups)
1. List four physical objects related to the substance of your emulsion, particularly those that are interesting in terms of your research. Can any of these be placed on your emulsion for the period of time it will take to make the anthotype photogram?

2. What type of arrangement/ composition might heighten or create interesting question?

3. How does the idea of “exposure” relate to your research?

4. Siting the exposure: Given that anthotypes need sun to make an image and require from a few hours to several days to expose, is there a place you might leave your anthotype which is interesting for your research (ie taped in the window of the American Museum of Natural History, etc.)

5. How can you document the process of taking the exposure?

6. For next week, bring in a documentation (digital images) of the process and upload to google drive folder week 7


Recording Instructions for week 7:
Apparatuses of sensing the Earth as an ever-changing archive of human-altered planetary dynamics

Planetary Diagrams: Towards an Autographic Theory of Climate Emergency (Photography Off the Scale) by Lukáš Likavčan and Paul Heinicker

In the context of your research inquiry, how is the earth’s surface recording human behavior related to your research inquiry and depicting “human-altered planetary dynamics?” For example, where is your working object produced (industries), how is it transported (infrastructures), what kind of energy is needed, or is nature/ geography impacted in general?

Use Google Earth (or any other satellite imagery archive) to capture 5 recordings (screenshots)

Print and crop five recordings (7×7 inches) and bring them to class.

Photography Off the Scale: Planetary Diagrams: Towards an Autographic Theory of Climate Emergency, Lukáš Likavčan and Paul Heinicker



The One Hundred Circle Farm, Emmet Gowin 
PACE Gallery:

Necessary Lines, Marco Cadioli

Square with concentric circles, Marco Cadioli

A Simulacrum of our Constructed Home, Seher Anand