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The Atlas of Everyday Objects (Social Media Aggregation)
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Many of us across the globe have been asked to stay in our homes. The Observational Practices Lab Parsons New York invites your participation in a global observation to archive our collective isolation.

Look around. Which objects have taken on new meaning since the start of your isolation? Take pictures of 9 objects and create a 3×3 grid of these. Post this grid on social media using #objectsofmyisolation and include this text. Add descriptions if you want.

If you don’t have any social media account you can also send it to us and we post it through the lab’s account on instagram:
lab // here_is_no_space_just_the_at // observationalpractices // here_is_a_dot //

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Instituto de NY cria Atlas com registros de pessoas e seus objectos em isolamento durante pandemia.

مساهمة: أطلس الأشياء اليومية | مختبر مراقبة الممارسات في جامعة بارسونز الجديدة للتصميم؛ شريكة المعهد، حيث تدعوك الجامعة للمشاركة في أرشفة عزلتنا الإجتماعية.
Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation