based on — Anuja Bagul — Material Science

  1. — 1 —
    Place the object in front of you. Touch it.
  2. — 2 —
    How does the material of the object change your body language?
  3. — 3 —
    Do you notice any physical reaction touching the object? Does it feel warm? cold? …?
  4. — 4 —
    What other materials could have been used to make this object?
  5. — 5 —
    To document: Record the answers.

Anuja Bagul is a Senior Material Scientist, New Technologies at Material ConneXion. In this role, she is able to use her diverse background in core material science to provide innovative and strategic material solutions to clients from Fortune 500 companies. Prior, Anuja worked as the Material Specialist at Material ConneXion, assisting members in the library, conducting research, and creating content for the extensive online materials database. Additionally, Anuja served as an assistant editor for Material Innovation: Packaging Design, published by Thames & Hudson. She is a frequent speaker on various topics relating to materials, most notably the idea that “Every Idea Has a Material Solution.” (2017)

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