based on — Gabrielle Nti — Fashion Design

  1. — 1 —
    Take 30 pictures (square) of your object looking for variety in its silhouette.
  2. — 2 —
    Select 9 images. Look for extreme variety in silhouettes.
  3. — 3 —
    Use a software of your choice to reduce images to two shapes: the inside of the silhouette and its background.
  4. — 4 —
    Use one solid color to fill the inside and one solid color to fill the outside. Use the same colors for all images.
  5. — 5 —
    Assemble the images to a 3×3 matrix.

Gabrielle Nti is an AAS Fashion Design candidate at Parsons School of Design. Her professional practice is influenced by her Ghanaian heritage and incorporates traditional crafts including the Kente print which a type of colorful woven cloth of the Ashanti and Akan people of Ghana. (2019)

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